Improve Your Sight-Reading is an excellent site that has many drills to help you work on your reading skills and up your speed. A good way to use this tool is to aim to do a certain number of exercises daily, e.g. 20 note-name questions, and note your accuracy and your time. You’ll see improvement in in both which will boost your confidence and motivate you. Remember, the better your reading skills, the more efficient your practice sessions will be.

  1. NOTE NAMES: You can practice these as do-ré-mi or ABC. You also have the option of focusing on a certain group of notes, say line notes or space notes.
  2. Now that you’re well acquainted with note names, TIME YOURSELF.
  3. VIOLIN FINGERINGS: When you try your hand at this drill, practice naming the notes before you select its location on the fingerboard. For an extra challenge, add sharps and flats!