How Much Are lessons and How Do They Work?

Lessons are $30 per half hour, $40 for 45 minutes, and $50 per hour. We reserve a set time for your weekly lesson.

Payment is made at the beginning of each month. Two lessons can be rescheduled per session with 24 hours’ notice.

Do you teach adults?

I give violin lessons, viola lessons, and fiddle lessons to adults. They make excellent students given that they have experience with learning and many tools on their belt. I use different method books and tailor my teaching to their unique needs, goals, and abilities.

Do you teach students with special needs?

Music lessons can be especially enriching and beneficial to a student with special needs. They will gain skills while building confidence and doing something they enjoy. I give violin, viola, and fiddle lessons to students with special needs, from learning disabilities to physical disabilities to intellectual disabilities. I ask that students practice regularly and do their best. They may need extra parental support and assistance, or extra time, but everyone can learn and benefit.

What method do you use?

Needs vary greatly from one student to another. Send me an email or fill the Contact Page and be sure to include the student’s age and whether you are looking to learn classical or fiddle and I’ll send you more information. You’re also welcome to come by for a visit to get a better idea of what I offer.